Our Ongoing Ministry in China

Since 1994, when Ross Paterson, the DPM China director and member of the DPM International Council, moved to live there with his wife and family, Singapore has been the headquarters of the Derek Prince Ministries work into China. Over the years until today Singaporeans have been involved in the ministry of taking Derek Prince’s teaching into China. The DPM China team outside of Singapore, which does the work of translating and liaising with our brothers and sisters inside of China, is entirely comprised of ethnic Chinese and therefore they are first language Chinese speakers. They work with the assistance of the Singapore team to put Derek's teaching into the hands of multitudes of believers in China through book, audio, audiovisual, and online means. They engage in the huge task of serving China and its people within the mandate of Derek Prince Ministries, which is to teach the untaught and reach the unreached.

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