“Blue Whale”, August 2017


Recently, reports speak of the “death game” Blue Whale, which has already caused many young people in Russia to commit suicide, and now has entered into China through social media. The game participants are mostly young people who are asked to complete 50 game assignments, such as waking up at 4:20am to watch a horror movie, cutting an image of a whale on their arm, listening to music sent by game managers, and not speaking with anyone. The final assignment is suicide. In China, most Blue Whale groups have been shut down and there have not yet been reports of suicides caused by the game.

The game’s creator was 22-year-old Philip Budeikin, a Russian, The managers of the Blue Whale death game are a group of people with an extreme disrespect for life. Budeikin, said the victims who participated in the game were all “biological trash” that needed to be swept away, and that his intended aim was to clean up society.  He was arrested last year, but the game has spread and has not stopped. The name, Blue Whale is said to come from a song by the Russian rock band “Lumen.” The words to the song go, “Why cry out when no one hears you? A huge blue whale can’t break free from the nets. Surrender or admit defeat, either way everything is still burning.” The victims of the game are like the blue whale in the song. They are caught in a net, full of loneliness and helplessness with no way to break free. At that moment, if someone gives them a pull, they might be able to rekindle their hope. But, if someone gives them a push, they will fall off a bottomless cliff. The purpose of the Blue Whale game is to entice and threaten people to “help” them resolve to die.

So loneliness and emptiness and a negative view of oneself are at the heart of this evil activity. A famous microblogger wrote right before she committed suicide in March 2012. She simply wrote this blog post: “I have clinical depression, so I am going to die. There is no important reason. No one needs to care about my departure. Goodbye.”

The managers [of the game] describe death as beautiful, as gorgeous and warm as the bright flames of a fire. They indoctrinate girls with the thought that “you are fat, no one likes you.” And the boys with, “You are a loser.” Then they will tell them, “This world can’t stand you. But, another world will accept you. The other world is beautiful.” The Blue Whale is a magnificent image. It’s as if death is a return to the open sea. Blackmail is used by the managers by obtaining a nude photo of the victim. If in the middle of the game they chicken out, their nude photo will be publicised. The family may also be harassed and violated.

(Source: ChinaSource Team from the Chinese Christian journal Territory)

Pray for revival amongst China’s young people, a large number of them turning to Jesus as Saviour and Lord Who can give them meaning.

Pray against those who spread the Blue Whale game and aim to take lives of young people, that they would be stopped.

Pray for youth work in churches that young people would be drawn to join warm and welcoming fellowship in Jesus.

In His grace,

Ross Paterson
Director,  Derek Prince Ministries – China

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