Prayer Focus 13/11/2022 - 19/11/2022

November 13—Thailand

  • Our coordinators were in Thailand and Laos in September and October. They had meetings with pastors and church leaders and gave them material in Thai and Lao and how they could access more online. Pray for these believers to get more of Derek’s teaching and be impacted by it.
  • Our Thai coordinators have reconnected with a couple in Thailand, Arisa and Jason, who are willing to join the team of coordinators for DPM’s work in Thailand. Pray for the Lord’s wisdom and leading for the team.

November 14—China 

China still has a strict zero-Covid policy. Recent reports spoke of some 60 million residents being locked down and weariness growing as the restrictions seem to go on without end. This also impacts the distribution of Derek’s materials because travel and logistics are difficult. Pray for wisdom for the team to keep Derek’s teachings flowing across China.
Outreach Report - China
Our China team has opened a new online sharing channel inside China on a new platform. Many new believers found it (about 3500 views in just 3 weeks), and more church leaders reached out to get Derek’s materials in Chinese to share with local believers.

November 15—Laos

The Divine Exchange is now the first booklet DPM has printed in the Lao language! Pray for all those who receive it to be blessed and built up in their faith through Derek’s teaching and that this booklet will be shared amongst many believers in Laos.

November 16—Vietnam

  • The government here is introducing new laws aimed to limit the work of God. Pray for God’s protection and guidance for DPM coordinators, Pastor “A” in Ho Chi Minh City and Pastor “D” in Da Nang. 
  • Pray for believers in Vietnam to hold firm in their faith and for many thousands to visit our website and avail themselves of all the free material available.
Testimonies – Vietnam 
DPM–New Zealand is supporting five pastors in Vietnam to help them with evangelism and discipleship of new believers. DPM coordinators, Pastor “D” in Da Nang, writes: “Thank you for your generosity and ongoing support, especially for the pastors you are sponsoring. Here are three testimonies we received.”
  • “Derek’s book, God’s Remedy for Rejection, was really a huge blessing. We used it to help drug addicts and people who were cast away from their families. We know why they behaved like this and how to help them. Thank you so much.” —Pastor “P”
  • “The teaching in the Self-Study Bible Course has been a great blessing for me and my church. We use it to teach in our home groups and in training new believers. This is a wonderful tool for discipleship.” —¬Pastor “S”
  • “Thanks for your support; it enables me to train tribal disciples for Jesus. We have monthly Bible classes . . . and we go out together to win souls.” —Pastor “T”

November 17—Estonia

DPM outreach worker, German, based in Estonia, is preparing materials for Derek Prince’ seminars this month for the parishioners of the church he pastors. Pray for the Lord to anoint Him and for lives to be impacted by Derek’s teaching. 

November 18—Ukraine

Pray for DPM outreach worker Vlad. Despite continuing attacks on Ukrainian cities by the Russian army, almost daily orders for Derek’s books are being shipped. Pray for the successful reprint of Russian and Ukrainian evangelistic tracts. These are very useful for soldiers and displaced people. 
Testimony – Ukraine
Many people are reading Derek’s books and listening to his online teaching. Sister Vera, 82, called us to order books. While Russian troops were trying to besiege Kyiv, she prayed for God's protection and listened to Derek’s messages on our YouTube channel every day. This is the main source of inspiration for their family.

November 19— Armenia

  • The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict has flared up again. Since 2020, there have been thousands of victims and orphaned children. DPM cares for about 100 children, so pray for protection for our team and for enough resources.
  • In recent months, there has been an unprecedented increase in interest in Derek's books, especially Why Do Bad Things Happen to God's People? It has been a great consolation for many mothers whose sons have been killed. Pray for the Holy Spirit to continue to bring comfort through it.



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