Prayer Focus 29/05/2022 - 04/06/2022

May 29—Southern Africa

  • Pray for the current translation and printing projects will be completed this year. There is often opposition to get the books in print, so pray against any hindrances.
  • Pray for wisdom and anointing for the pastor who will be translating Appointment in Jerusalem into Zulu. 
  • Pray for the safe delivery of books that will be going up to Zimbabwe.
  • Pray for Pastor Stemmet to have safe travel on his fifth mission trip to the Northern Cape and Kalahari bordering Namibia and South Africa, then to the Western Cape. He will again take Derek’s books in Afrikaans to give to leaders.

Praise Reports

  • We have many new contacts through CCFM radio in Cape Town.
  • Many new people who have been accessing Derek’s teaching through our Mobile App, website, Facebook, and YouTube have contacted us to give a donation as they have been so blessed and encouraged. We see an increase in young people asking for Derek’s teaching and have been referring them to these formats.
  • A pastor who ministers to young people requested 60 English copies of the Self-Study Bible Course to share with his students as they do not even have Bibles. 

Testimonies – South Africa

Pastor Stemmet took a six-week trip to reach the Kalahari Desert area of South Africa that borders on Botswana and Namibia. He met two coloured ladies outside the historical Catholic Church at Pella, made up of about 2500 people, mostly San Bushmen. He had just one Foundations book in Afrikaans and offered it to them to have a look, saying he would be back shortly. He told them if they wanted to keep it, they must promise to read it. When he got back, they were both crying with joy at what they had read in that short time. He let them keep the book.   

Impact Radio Listeners

“The teachings of Derek have made a remarkable impact in my life in many ways. I can't afford to miss them on Impact Radio every day. My prayer life also drastically changed. Now I love to spend more time in the presence of God in the early morning hours. My spiritual life is nourished and growing every day. My faith is more anchored due to how the teachings have touched my life.”             —Listener in Pretoria, South Africa

“I have been listening for four years. I had dropped off my husband for a flight he needed to catch, and as I drove home, Impact Radio was on, and teaching came up on the ''Good Shepherd." I knew I had encountered a teacher who would minister the Word of God to me during my daily devotions. That has never changed. I am truly grateful to God for a teacher who could make such a huge impact and for having a team who keeps the radio ministry going.            —Josephine D.

“I have been listening for many years to Derek’s teachings. I lived in a foreign country for a short period of time, and I couldn’t have done it without God. I used to listen to Derek Prince on Impact Radio via live streaming. It was like my lifeline, my daily medicine, So many times, the messages helped or guided me through challenges, and I was able to stand.”             — Beverly


May 30—United States/Hispanic Outreach

  • Pray for Increased and good communication with Spanish pastors, leaders, and churches.
  • Pray that our Hispanic outreach mailing will encourage more people to partner with us to help expand our ministry.


May 31—Canada

  • Pray for the board and Director Bob Yeo to have God’s direction for the remainder of this year in reaching more churches and ministry leaders, including those involved with the indigenous Inuit people.


June 1—International

  • Pray for God’s wisdom, provision and protection over our offices and teams worldwide. We are grateful for each one who serves so faithfully.
  • Pray for them to complete current projects planned for this year despite economic difficulties and hardships some have experienced.


June 2—Cambodia

  • Pray for Huy and the DPM team as they hold a seminar for up to 50 pastors in Battambang Province early this month. The team will teach from six of Derek’s books and train the pastors in using this material in their own churches.


June 3—Myanmar

  • The books How to Pass from Curse to Blessing and Extravagant Love have been reprinted in Burmese. Pray for this teaching to transform everyone who reads it, especially as this nation is in political and spiritual turmoil.
  • Pray for protection for those who serve DPM in this Buddhist nation and for new open doors for ministry to pastors, Christian leaders, and others so that Derek’s teaching material is spread far and wide.


June 4—Vietnam

Pray for Pastor “A” and her team in Ho Chi Minh city as they reach out to many people with food parcels and Derek’s books, Through Repentance to Faith and Father God, and that many come to know Jesus.