The situation in Ukraine is very serious. We will do our best to keep you updated as we receive reports from our outreach director, Vlad. Please keep Vlad and his family, as well as so many innocent Ukrainian citizens, in prayer.

Video update from Vlad 3/1/2022

I would like to thank the DPM and all the brothers who provide amazing prayer support to the Ukrainian people. Only on Derek Prince's FB page, many thousands of brothers from all over the world express their prayerful support. We are receiving testimonies from our soldiers that they are experiencing unusual inner encouragement. God bless you all very much!Ukraine  uk1
We have a lot of refugees in our town and our area - they are settled in schools and educational institutions. Residents of our city collected food and clothes for the refugees several days in advance, but what will happen in a few days is unknown. Sunday, I preached at our church service about trusting in the Lord. After the sermon, there was a very modest marriage celebration- - even without the festive clothes of the bride and groom. They were engaged before the war and were supposed to get married in May, but decided to do it right now. We just don’t know what will happen.  

I also spoke to the deacon of our church, who also heads the regional aid headquarters in our town and district. They do a lot of work with refugees and territorial defense assistance. They feed and keep many refugees warm and take care of accommodation problems. Almost all institutions and factories of the city have stopped and many people are working for defense and helping refugees. The year 2014 is repeating when we received many refugees from the war in the east. Today again, the roads are full of refugees and the country is close to a transport collapse.

Meanwhile, the Polish people truly have opened their hearts and their homes to refugees from Ukraine. Poles line up near the Polish-Ukrainian border to take the refugees home and share their house or apartment with them, mainly Ukrainian women, children and elderly people, as the (young) men stay behind to fight.

We thank the Lord for all the organisations that are delivering humanitarian aid goods and financial support. We don’t know what the future holds. Within two or three days, the moment of truth should come and the key phase in the war will be decided. 

But for sure, the most important thing has already been done - thanks for your prayer and moral support!




Email  update from Vlad 2/22/2022


Dear friends,
Ukraine  uk2
Yesterday morning I wanted to write a request for prayer to you and to all my friends from the DPM. But I did not do it for some reason. So Ukrainian Christians across the country are praying for this situation - they bowed down even on open-air and on central squares of our cities and towns.

A month ago, I received a Scripture, which I shared in a sermon in our church. “See, the enemy is puffed up; his desires are not upright — but the righteous person will live by his faithfulness…» (Habbakum 2:4). In Russian translation it sounds like this: « arrogant soul cannot calm down (found out try peace), but a righteous person should be live by his faith».

We know the second half of the verse very well, but often forget that the words "the righteous shall live by his faith" were God's promise to live to the prophet in the face of imminent war and rude occupation.

I know some facts about Ukraine - It has the highest percentage of evangelical Christians in the former USSR and in continental Europe. The largest concentration of evangelical churches in Eastern Europe. Great religious freedom. A lot of missionaries left Ukraine to serve in different countries. So I know for sure - God’s eye on Ukraine. 

An interesting fact is that since the beginning of the year, the request for our books has increased dramatically. Praise God for the teachings of Derek Prince. In times of crisis, God's people need a solid foundation to lean on, and our ministry is more than ever relevant.

May God be praised in Ukraine and in His Church and in our ministry here!
Thank you once more! And all blessings to you!