January 22, A Continuing Process

If we continue to walk in the light of God’s Word by obeying what it says, then the first result is that we have fellowship with one another. If we are not walking in the light, we will not have fellowship.

January 21, Testifying Personally

During the first Passover in Egypt, the blood did not protect those who were not inside their houses. It was only inside their houses that the Israelites were protected, and it is only inside Christ that we have redemption and forgiveness of sins.

January 20, Acknowledging Our Sin

It is never too late to confess our sins to God and seek refuge in His salvation. He will deliver us from our sins if we’ll only acknowledge them and repent.

January 19, The Countless Blessings of Forgiveness

The type of forgiveness that we need, and can receive only from God Himself, is the vertical aspect of forgiveness. There is such blessedness in being forgiven by God.

January 18, A Clean Slate

Someone has remarked that when God casts your sins into the sea, He puts up a notice that reads, “NO FISHING!” Don’t ever try to go back and resurrect something that God has buried.

January 17, Two Directions of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is one of the most beautiful words in any language. What makes it such a special and beautiful word? Consider some of the results that flow from forgiveness: reconciliation, peace, harmony, understanding, fellowship. How our world today stands in such dire need of these things!

January 16, Settling All Claims

If all our sins are forgiven, we have total rights of redemption. But if there is any sin in our lives that is not confessed—and is therefore not forgiven—we do not have full legal rights of redemption in that area.

May 23, The Holy Spirit’s Probe

The first step in overcoming rejection is to recognize the problem. Once you recognize it, you can deal with it.