June 26, One Act of Obedience

By Adam’s one act of disobedience, many—that is, all—of his descendants were made sinners. But by Jesus’ one act of obedience, all who...

June 25, Made Righteous

We are justified through faith in the blood of Jesus. Let’s read what Paul wrote about this in Romans:

June 24, Intelligent Partners with God

The first man, Adam, was not a slave, for God called him to intelligent partnership. When God wanted the animals to be named, He said...

June 23, Submitting to God’s Instruction

When God sets out to teach, He chooses His students on the basis of their character—not on their intellectual abilities, academic degrees, or...

June 22, The Measure of Commitment

God entered into covenant with Abraham, as recorded in Genesis 15. Each person involved—God and Abraham—made a total commitment.

June 21, Enjoying God

Right at the beginning of human history, when man first related to God, their relationship was so simple. There were not a lot of religious rituals and paraphernalia.

June 20, The Price of Friendship

Often, the measure of God’s commitment to you is determined by the measure of your commitment to Him.